3M Planning Day

We had our first planning workshop in our new office space last week.

With moments to spare before the 3M team arrived, there were last minute paint touch-ups, the packing cases swiftly secreted under desks and our rubbish rolled into our friendly next-door neighbours to store for the afternoon!

But sleeves remained rolled up for a fun-packed session that we hope was both inspiring and collaborative where we got to dig into 3M’s brand challenges for next year – from Command Strips™ to Post-it Notes®, we got well and truly stuck in (forgive the pun).

We had a fascinating deep dive into specific shopper and retailer challenges in the context of a tough year ahead for both brands and retailers.

Amie Stanbury, the Marketing Operations Manager for North Europe said “It’s important that we concentrate on the consumer awareness and the instore execution, those ‘moments of truth’ are increasingly important to get customers to pick our brands, even when money is tight”

Full steam ahead now for some exciting creative proposals for 2023 where we explore new channels for some of the world’s most iconic household names. We anticipate a lot more planning sessions in the coming weeks and months but thankfully we have a lifetime supply of Post-it® Notes!

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